Jonathan Reeds

Dream Speaker


Nature: Jester
Demeanor: Bon Vivant


Jonathan is the son to a wealthy CEO of Technology company in Seattle WA. Given everything he ever wanted, but never really knew his father. Jonathan’s father works long hours and the quality father-son time was the friday drive home from school, and even then his father was usually on his cell phone. Jonathan decided to attend Charles Darwin University after High School. That was eight years ago, and Jonathan’s father keeps paying the tuition without realizing it has been eight years. Jonathan is known around campus as the guy that can get you something. Jonathan has a large network of friends and favors and each year his network grows as he helps freshman “learn the ropes” of freshman years. Later in life he calls in those favors for future freshman classes form the Upper clansman and graduates of the colleges in Meadeport.

He is now dating Rebecca Deboer.

Jonathan Reeds

Meadeport, OR skaldsaga