Meadeport, OR

Right Hand Disco

They throw a 1970s themed party complete with jello shots and lava lamps. They have the Super 8v club come and it gets to be a medium sized party. They have their alarms go off when Sadie comes to the party. She is as Blessed as them.

The girls hang out together and talk about blessings and Granny. The boys hang out at the house and talk about vampires. Jonathan pulls strings to get Jonesie a job at a local mechanic. Vitner goes to the address from the black envelope but doesn’t kill the little girl. Gwen follows him and heals the little girl of the lung condition that keeps her on machines.

Gardens and Goths

They get new members sent to them by the council: Jonathan, Trixiebell, 8thseal, Jett, and Stewart.

They plant the gardens around the house. They divide up the rooms and get to know each other. They go to the Goth night to have the new people meet Cameron. He touches their minds and figures out that they are mages.
They go out on the town to mess with the locals because 8thseal thinks of them as simple AIs.

They have a Harry Potter dinner where Trixie makes sure everyone has a scarf.

The Locals

They talk to Cameron Von Katt, aka “Midnight Cat”, who is a college dj and sometimes jockeys at a local bar called Whiskey Joe’s for Goth night. He is friendly but not interested in joining the frat.

They get invited to meet Pete. The girls tell them how much stronger and prettier they are now that Pete is in town. Gwen gets an offer to also be under his protection. They figure out that Pete is a vampire.

They ward the house to alert them to any supernatural intruders and to block off the third floor and attic from anyone other than themselves.

There is a black envelope on Vitner’s pillow.

Opening the Door

It is made of bright red bricks with dark polished wood paneling inside. It has a wraparound covered porch, a basement and three floors, and a tower in the attic.

When they opened the front door, it smelled of musty beer and dark woods. The four mages looked at each other and went inside.

Damien, Lyon, Vitner, and Gwen.

They settled into the house, discovering nooks and crannies and a huge handmade pool table in the basement. They met Mary, a sweet local girl, at a nearby thrift store. They met the local prostitutes and their leader Hannah and find out that they all work for a man named Pete. They find out that Vitner kills people as part of his Tradition. They throw a party that gets them some attention from other frats and the Super 8v Club.
They get their first pledge who is named Jonesie. They meet another local mage named Cameron Von Katt.


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