• 8thseal


    Always wears a power suit
  • Gwen Llewellyn

    Gwen Llewellyn

    A Verbena who uses sex magic for healing and has a thumb as green as a patch of clover.
  • Jett


    A harmonious punk rocker
  • Jonathan Reeds

    Jonathan Reeds

    Dream Speaker
  • Lyon Rex

    Lyon Rex

    A Cult of Ecstasy with the same way with the ladies and sense of poetry and music as his Avatar in the mirror, Jim Morrison.
  • Sadie


    A Blessed young girl from the mountains
  • Stewart Mcnabb

    Stewart Mcnabb

    An Order of Hermes, with a twisted leg and scarred visage from an accident long ago, who knows the old ways of crafting runes.
  • Trixiebell Morgan

    Trixiebell Morgan

    A cheerful Order of Hermes who joined the Tradition due to her love of Harry Potter and who has her very own wand.
  • Vitner Hague

    Vitner Hague

    The alcoholic Euthanatos who is the owner and guardian of the gun that started World War I.
  • Cameron "Midnight Cat" Von Kott

    Cameron "Midnight Cat" Von Kott

    Hollow One Goth DJ
  • Damien


    Happy go lucky VA
  • Drifter


    The Hobo and Mentor to Jonathan who is randomly appears, says cryptic things and leaves.
  • Ellis


    Ellis is a gas station attendant and Granny's caretaker.
  • Granny


    She is Sadie's grandmother who lives back in the mountains and calls occasionally.
  • Hannah


    The head of the local prostitutes "union"
  • Mary Finnigan

    Mary Finnigan

    A good girl who works in the local thrift store and recently moved into the frat house.
  • Pete Longson

    Pete Longson

    Looking like a viking in a sweater, Pete owns the local bar on the docks called No Water
  • Rebecca Deboer

    Rebecca Deboer

    Old Chuck Pre-law student
  • Simon "Jonesie" Jones III

    Simon "Jonesie" Jones III

    A semi-hipster mechanic. He writes odes to motocycles.
  • Trixie's Mentor

    Trixie's Mentor

    He sees Trixie as the future of the Order of Hermes.