Meadeport, OR


Jonathan and Trixie find out that there are more ghouls in town, each appears in spirit form as having a shadow leech on their neck. They do a picture taking session with Hannah and the Super 8v club in Cuppo (a snug little coffee shop).

They go to Portland to talk to Vitner’s mentor. They find him in a souvenir shop full of meaningless knick knacks and simple magic tricks for tourists. He is crazy and arrogant and named Caligoni.
They get transported by him to coffins with their names on them. Damien looks inside but find his perceptions warped by Caligoni’s magic and see nothing more than a dimly lit room and a man who bows and says “Thank you for coming to the show”

Sadie calls Granny and explain to her about vampires and other mages. She is worried and says she’ll come get Sadie and take her home.



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