Meadeport, OR

The Score

Vitner enacts his plan to steal from the Homecoming football game. He takes Trixie and 8thseal with him for their forces and correspondence expertise. While waiting for the score to go down, TRixie gets bored and draws all over 8thseal’s armor with a marker.

Sadie and Gwen go to visit Cameron. He is upset about a bunch of his records and his dj equipment being stolen after last Goth night’s show. They track it all down and return it. In the process, they find him another record with a magic imprint on it that is different than Cameron’s. He happily takes it.

Coco is upset at Gwen being gone so much and how the family is not hanging out together. Keeps calling various people “Pretty girls” or “pretty boys” and crying on their shoulders.

The stealing goes well and the trio retreat to a motel room to count the money. Vitner figures he has enough to pay the Portland mafia to eliminate his mentor. The Portland mob is Greek with the family of Papas family being the head.

Jonathan investigates the old bunker for Technocracy. Instead, he finds the ghost of a young boy from World War II. He promises the boy some crayons.



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