Meadeport, OR

Pretty Things with Petals

They get flower on the doorstep for Trixie from an unknown admirer. She assumed her mentor, who she has been sending letter to despite the prohibition against it.

8thseal finds out that Damien has been captured by the Technocracy. He sees someone else in a power suit when he rewinds the time in the area where Damien’s Ipad was found. He tracks back to where it come from and finds Damien tied up in a warehouse. The only other thing in the warehouse is some crates of coffee beans. 8thseal takes Damien and a sample of the beans back to the house. Damien was lain in his own bed as he is in a coma. The beans are discovered to have been altered to keep those drinking it less likely to Awaken.

They find out the flowers are from a place in Portland called Sherwood Florists. The order came to them from a place called Oldtown Portland Souvenirs; this is the store owned by Caligoni.

Gwen registers for a druidic club at Old Chuck and puts up fliers to the first meeting.

Trixie sneaks out during the week to meet her mentor in the stadium. They have a nice time and he leaves her with one white pretty flower. Vitner followed her but did not interfere.

Halfway in the back yard with the bottom up is ebony coffin with silver ornaments. From inside comes a pounding like bass notes in an empty club, teeth thrumming and insistent. When they open it, out falls Cameron. They find that after his normal stint at Whiskey Joe’s, he got knocked out and woke up inside the coffin.

Jonathan makes the decision to make the Friday party a 1920s themed one. The common room is turned into a speakeasy. Costumes are required to get inside as well as the password. Rebecca comes to this huge party wearing peacock feathers to impress Jonathan.

Stewart goes out searching for a small node for fueling his work. Long grey stone pillars and lots of little steps lead to the courthouse doors. In family court, he finds a node that feels like red tape and family conflict but takes it back anyways. It is installed in the Brick House.



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