Meadeport, OR

Iceberg Ahead

Lyon finally meets everyone else in the house after being gone for awhile to “film movies”.

Gwen talks to Pete about his offer and turns it down. He seems a little worried but respects her decision. Trixie and Stewart worry about the vampire being from House Tremere.

They throw a Titanic themed party. Trixie had built a whole set complete with balcony in common room and halfway through the night there was a flooding to about knee level. She did not warn everyone else in the house about the flooding. It was a huge party.
Even Sadie’s roommate comes.

Granny comes to visit; she was driven down here by Ellis, Sadie’s jealous cousin. Granny is more worried than ever about Sadie after seeing the aftermath of party. From upstairs they all can hear Mary yelling “Oh god, oh god, oh god” and singing hymns. Lyons had given her drugs and awakened her.

Sadie goes to sleep in the dorms but she dreams of a starry quilt and Hannah knocking on her dorm room door. She rushes back to the Brick House.



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