Meadeport, OR

I Say Pagan, You Say Heathen

They do recon work on the Technocracy. The airport hangar is checked out and found to be a connection point between other bases. It also is where they transport in the changed coffee beans.

Gwen and Trixie go the pound and get a pair of kittens. They are named Snap and Crackle.

They have the first meeting of the druid club. About six or seven people show up. There is vegan snacks and drinks. One of the members turns out to be a werewolf but no one approaches her about it just yet.

They throw a graffiti and breaking party on Friday. Trixie puts up big sheets of paper for people to paint on and they buy tons of cheap dishware for people to break on the floor in one room. It is one of their biggest parties to date. They have to turn people away at the door because the house is so full.

They go to talk to Old Betty, a hedge mage who lost her house to one of the Technocrats hidden in town. She is now living under a bridge. After a lot of arguing and bad attitude on Betty’s part, they get her moved back to the House. The one thing she insists on taking is a frog prince garden statue. Jonathan notices that it has a old man’s spirit attached to it.



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