Meadeport, OR

Home Sweet Home

They discover that the node no longer spills out family court paperwork as Tass. Now, there is a small pile of rocks with the Nordic rune for family etched into them. The feeling around the House is much more peaceful as well.

Old Betty is delighted with her new frog necklace and her husband’s spirit (the old man Jonathan saw earlier) moves into it. The other gifts are given by the girls to the delight of all. The boys tell them about Pete’s warning.

They have a few nights off and Jett and 8thseal blow off some steam by beating up kids trying a beer run, some jaywalkers, and other AIs doing things against the rules.

Later that week, 8thseal hears on the police chatter that there is major fire down on the docks. It is No Water that is burning down.



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