Meadeport, OR

Granny's Visit

They keep an eye on Hannah to see if she truly visited the dorms in the night. She does a birthday cake for another frat and some dominatrix sessions during the week.

Granny continues her visit. Sadie’s roommate at the dorms is bribed into saying that Sadie still lives there. Granny is suspicious. Later she checks out the hotel that Jonathan got her a room in. Granny says its because of the water pressure in the shower and hits the desk girl with a cane. Jonathan offer the desk girl, named Rebecca, a dinner to make up for dealing with Granny.

They get a coffin on their doorstep, made of pine with a hand-whittled Vitner’s name on it. Seal breaks it into tiny pieces by stomping on it.

They track Granny but only find Ellis in a taco stand, eating some tacos washed down with cold beer. Eventually, they find out that Granny has gone to the Old Chuck football game to see what the college is like and decide if Sadie can stay.

Some boys take a ride with Vitner. He tells them that he needs to get rid of his mentor. To that end, he needs to rob the Old Chuck football game to pay some “mechanics” (hitmen).

They have a lot of projects. Stewart is perfecting a portable flame thrower to be ready for the vampire. Gwen is making herself a room out in the garden to entertain her special guests. 8thseal is making a Correspondence tagged coffin for Caligoni.



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