Meadeport, OR

Drawn in Red

Jonathan keeps his promise to take the ghost boy some crayons. Since the boy’s favorite color is red, Jonathan fills a whole box with that color and leaves it in the bunker.

There is a night of drunken revelry with Trixie losing a shoe and Jett threatening people in a club with “sex or punch?” as a question. Their night out ends with them back at the House flashing the pizza boy at one am.

Vitner goes to Portland and hires a hitman. When he gets back, there is a big fight between him and Gwen. She believes he has endangered everyone in the House and especially is mad at him taking Trixie on such a mission. He believes he was just taking care of the problem the best way he knows how. There is mind reading without permission, throwing out of stuff, packing stuff to leave, and lighting the garden on fire. The whole house is upset and a big family meeting is called.

The family meeting is tense. It ends with Vitner deciding that, though being around normal mages has been healing for him, they need Gwen more than they need him. He is going to leave. He leaves his gun behind in the care of Jonathan.

They have a run-in with Mary’s mother who is upset at her daughter’s strangeness and recent absence from home. Jonathan goes upstairs to tell Mary about mom, but she doesn’t want to come down. It is decided that she can move into the House.



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