Meadeport, OR

Home Sweet Home

They discover that the node no longer spills out family court paperwork as Tass. Now, there is a small pile of rocks with the Nordic rune for family etched into them. The feeling around the House is much more peaceful as well.

Old Betty is delighted with her new frog necklace and her husband’s spirit (the old man Jonathan saw earlier) moves into it. The other gifts are given by the girls to the delight of all. The boys tell them about Pete’s warning.

They have a few nights off and Jett and 8thseal blow off some steam by beating up kids trying a beer run, some jaywalkers, and other AIs doing things against the rules.

Later that week, 8thseal hears on the police chatter that there is major fire down on the docks. It is No Water that is burning down.


The girls take a vacation to Florida for a comic book convention. It is Gwen’s treat to Trixie to make up for all the conflict recently. They wear costumes and have lots of fun going to panels that interest them. At the end, the girls buy presents for all those back home.

The boys get a visit from Hannah to tell them that Pete needs to talk to them. They agree to meet him at a football game since it out in the open and neutral ground. Sitting next to each other in the stadium, Pete warns them that he had to tell his clan about their presence in the town. But he tried to convince the clan that the House is harmless and Pete himself just wants to live and let live with the mages. The boys are not happy about this. They don’t kill Pete though.

I Say Pagan, You Say Heathen

They do recon work on the Technocracy. The airport hangar is checked out and found to be a connection point between other bases. It also is where they transport in the changed coffee beans.

Gwen and Trixie go the pound and get a pair of kittens. They are named Snap and Crackle.

They have the first meeting of the druid club. About six or seven people show up. There is vegan snacks and drinks. One of the members turns out to be a werewolf but no one approaches her about it just yet.

They throw a graffiti and breaking party on Friday. Trixie puts up big sheets of paper for people to paint on and they buy tons of cheap dishware for people to break on the floor in one room. It is one of their biggest parties to date. They have to turn people away at the door because the house is so full.

They go to talk to Old Betty, a hedge mage who lost her house to one of the Technocrats hidden in town. She is now living under a bridge. After a lot of arguing and bad attitude on Betty’s part, they get her moved back to the House. The one thing she insists on taking is a frog prince garden statue. Jonathan notices that it has a old man’s spirit attached to it.

Drawn in Red

Jonathan keeps his promise to take the ghost boy some crayons. Since the boy’s favorite color is red, Jonathan fills a whole box with that color and leaves it in the bunker.

There is a night of drunken revelry with Trixie losing a shoe and Jett threatening people in a club with “sex or punch?” as a question. Their night out ends with them back at the House flashing the pizza boy at one am.

Vitner goes to Portland and hires a hitman. When he gets back, there is a big fight between him and Gwen. She believes he has endangered everyone in the House and especially is mad at him taking Trixie on such a mission. He believes he was just taking care of the problem the best way he knows how. There is mind reading without permission, throwing out of stuff, packing stuff to leave, and lighting the garden on fire. The whole house is upset and a big family meeting is called.

The family meeting is tense. It ends with Vitner deciding that, though being around normal mages has been healing for him, they need Gwen more than they need him. He is going to leave. He leaves his gun behind in the care of Jonathan.

They have a run-in with Mary’s mother who is upset at her daughter’s strangeness and recent absence from home. Jonathan goes upstairs to tell Mary about mom, but she doesn’t want to come down. It is decided that she can move into the House.

The Score

Vitner enacts his plan to steal from the Homecoming football game. He takes Trixie and 8thseal with him for their forces and correspondence expertise. While waiting for the score to go down, TRixie gets bored and draws all over 8thseal’s armor with a marker.

Sadie and Gwen go to visit Cameron. He is upset about a bunch of his records and his dj equipment being stolen after last Goth night’s show. They track it all down and return it. In the process, they find him another record with a magic imprint on it that is different than Cameron’s. He happily takes it.

Coco is upset at Gwen being gone so much and how the family is not hanging out together. Keeps calling various people “Pretty girls” or “pretty boys” and crying on their shoulders.

The stealing goes well and the trio retreat to a motel room to count the money. Vitner figures he has enough to pay the Portland mafia to eliminate his mentor. The Portland mob is Greek with the family of Papas family being the head.

Jonathan investigates the old bunker for Technocracy. Instead, he finds the ghost of a young boy from World War II. He promises the boy some crayons.

Pretty Things with Petals

They get flower on the doorstep for Trixie from an unknown admirer. She assumed her mentor, who she has been sending letter to despite the prohibition against it.

8thseal finds out that Damien has been captured by the Technocracy. He sees someone else in a power suit when he rewinds the time in the area where Damien’s Ipad was found. He tracks back to where it come from and finds Damien tied up in a warehouse. The only other thing in the warehouse is some crates of coffee beans. 8thseal takes Damien and a sample of the beans back to the house. Damien was lain in his own bed as he is in a coma. The beans are discovered to have been altered to keep those drinking it less likely to Awaken.

They find out the flowers are from a place in Portland called Sherwood Florists. The order came to them from a place called Oldtown Portland Souvenirs; this is the store owned by Caligoni.

Gwen registers for a druidic club at Old Chuck and puts up fliers to the first meeting.

Trixie sneaks out during the week to meet her mentor in the stadium. They have a nice time and he leaves her with one white pretty flower. Vitner followed her but did not interfere.

Halfway in the back yard with the bottom up is ebony coffin with silver ornaments. From inside comes a pounding like bass notes in an empty club, teeth thrumming and insistent. When they open it, out falls Cameron. They find that after his normal stint at Whiskey Joe’s, he got knocked out and woke up inside the coffin.

Jonathan makes the decision to make the Friday party a 1920s themed one. The common room is turned into a speakeasy. Costumes are required to get inside as well as the password. Rebecca comes to this huge party wearing peacock feathers to impress Jonathan.

Stewart goes out searching for a small node for fueling his work. Long grey stone pillars and lots of little steps lead to the courthouse doors. In family court, he finds a node that feels like red tape and family conflict but takes it back anyways. It is installed in the Brick House.

Granny's Visit

They keep an eye on Hannah to see if she truly visited the dorms in the night. She does a birthday cake for another frat and some dominatrix sessions during the week.

Granny continues her visit. Sadie’s roommate at the dorms is bribed into saying that Sadie still lives there. Granny is suspicious. Later she checks out the hotel that Jonathan got her a room in. Granny says its because of the water pressure in the shower and hits the desk girl with a cane. Jonathan offer the desk girl, named Rebecca, a dinner to make up for dealing with Granny.

They get a coffin on their doorstep, made of pine with a hand-whittled Vitner’s name on it. Seal breaks it into tiny pieces by stomping on it.

They track Granny but only find Ellis in a taco stand, eating some tacos washed down with cold beer. Eventually, they find out that Granny has gone to the Old Chuck football game to see what the college is like and decide if Sadie can stay.

Some boys take a ride with Vitner. He tells them that he needs to get rid of his mentor. To that end, he needs to rob the Old Chuck football game to pay some “mechanics” (hitmen).

They have a lot of projects. Stewart is perfecting a portable flame thrower to be ready for the vampire. Gwen is making herself a room out in the garden to entertain her special guests. 8thseal is making a Correspondence tagged coffin for Caligoni.

Iceberg Ahead

Lyon finally meets everyone else in the house after being gone for awhile to “film movies”.

Gwen talks to Pete about his offer and turns it down. He seems a little worried but respects her decision. Trixie and Stewart worry about the vampire being from House Tremere.

They throw a Titanic themed party. Trixie had built a whole set complete with balcony in common room and halfway through the night there was a flooding to about knee level. She did not warn everyone else in the house about the flooding. It was a huge party.
Even Sadie’s roommate comes.

Granny comes to visit; she was driven down here by Ellis, Sadie’s jealous cousin. Granny is more worried than ever about Sadie after seeing the aftermath of party. From upstairs they all can hear Mary yelling “Oh god, oh god, oh god” and singing hymns. Lyons had given her drugs and awakened her.

Sadie goes to sleep in the dorms but she dreams of a starry quilt and Hannah knocking on her dorm room door. She rushes back to the Brick House.

Everyone is In

They have a big Viking themed party with a steer roasting out on the front yard fire pit. Two big guys from SCA wear full gear and act as bouncers. It goes over really well with other frats and is very well attended. Hannah, the girls, and the Super 8V club are all there.

They have a big house meeting Saturday to decide that everyone, including Jonesie is in the frat.
It is official.

They get a visit from a Euthanatos to explain that Vitner’s mentor has gone crazy. They are wary of her but she is nice and wants more than anything for Vitner to be healed from this bad experience.

They hang out with Hannah who likes costumes like Trixie does.


Jonathan and Trixie find out that there are more ghouls in town, each appears in spirit form as having a shadow leech on their neck. They do a picture taking session with Hannah and the Super 8v club in Cuppo (a snug little coffee shop).

They go to Portland to talk to Vitner’s mentor. They find him in a souvenir shop full of meaningless knick knacks and simple magic tricks for tourists. He is crazy and arrogant and named Caligoni.
They get transported by him to coffins with their names on them. Damien looks inside but find his perceptions warped by Caligoni’s magic and see nothing more than a dimly lit room and a man who bows and says “Thank you for coming to the show”

Sadie calls Granny and explain to her about vampires and other mages. She is worried and says she’ll come get Sadie and take her home.


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